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Terms of Service

SAF Warriors Real Estate Website services include several strategies through which you can contact legal advisors, or have an instant private dialogue about your legitimate problems with a lawyer. Although part of these technologies includes First World Problems Pte dealing with you on your behalf, First World Problems Pte is only the average person in such exchanges. You are obligated to pay the legal counsel for the services provided. First World Problems Pte has no risk, whether essential or voluntary, to pay a legal advisor other than your specialty on your behalf. The lawyer charges the expenses that you pay for these services and pass them on to the legal advisor once the services are provided. Any professional-client relationship framed by these letters is between you and the legal advisor you speak with – not between you and First World Problems Pte. Moreover, you are aware that First World Problems Pte cannot be held responsible for the quality or accuracy of any legal information or services provided by licensed advisors you deal with through the website.

Self Improvement Platform

The site also provides a self-improvement platform that takes your will. On the exit opportunity in which you need assistance for your specific legal circumstances, we suggest that you consult a legal advisor. There is no legal representation relationship in any capacity between you and the problems of First World PT.

The terms about products and services on the site or accessed through the SAF Warriors Real Estate. You accept that you have legal consent from the parent or gatekeeper and that you are fully capable of entering into and maintaining the terms and conditions, obligations, assurances, assurances and guarantees stipulated in these terms. And agree to these terms.

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Listing Services on Our Website

SAF Warriors Real Estate enable legal advisors to list their services on our website. There is no game plan to share expenses on a commissioning premise between First World Problems Pte and any legal counsel or law firm for any legitimate problem. Significantly, First World Problems Pte does not choose or generally confirm or warrant a particular lawyer, legal office, or licensed service provider on First World Problems Pte expressly denies any representation or warranty that the information presented in our publications is dependable or reliable. First World Problems Pte shall in no way bear any reliance upon you for this information.

No Legal Relationship Affiliation and Legal Representative

At your point of contact or contacting the legal advisors listed on our site, there is no legal relationship, affiliation, or legal representative between you and First World Problems Pte. First World Problems Pte is not responsible for your dealings with any of the legal advisors listed on our site.

Before hiring a lawyer, you should intentionally consider knowing the legal advisor and interviewing and requesting a written legal services agreement listing multiple conditions and engagements, including all different fees, expenses, and obligations.