Yishun Executive Condominiums offer all the luxury features of a premier tower, without the hassle of commuting to work everyday. There are numerous perks to owning such a Yishun Executive Condominium, such as a fully-equipped fitness centre, two swimming pools, a leisurely deck, a lush outdoor pool and a variety of other public facilities and amenities. This kind of Yishun property offers amazing convenience and comfort for residents. You can simply take a stroll up to your Yishun Executive condo at any time of the day to enjoy the wonderful weather and scenery. You can also go out shopping or do some office work, because all these things are conveniently located just a short distance from your Yishun Executive Condominium.

The Yishun Executive Group is a prominent real estate development company with locations in Singapore and Hong Kong. The Yishun Group boasts of many projects, including high-rise tower projects, commercial property developments and private condominiums. The Yishun Group has various projects and developments throughout the year, but their main priority is to ensure that each project goes smoothly and that Yishun executive condominiums are sold out before the end of each season. Yishun executive condominiums are sold out throughout the year, because every Yishun executive home is equipped with advanced security systems such as smoke detectors, security gates, and 24 hour guard service.

Yishun Executive is located at the corner of Yishun MRT Station and Central Business District. The immediate area offers a variety of interesting landmarks, such as the Yishun International Airport, the Yishun Ring Road and the Yishun Locks and Dam. Yishun Executive Condominium is conveniently placed near the Yishun MRT Station and the Central Business District, making it easy for future residents to reach their place of work. If you have your own business, you can be assured of a safe and secure lifestyle in Yishun Executive. Other nearby attractions include the Yishun Leisure Park, the Yishun Fitness centre and the Yishun Shopping Complex.

The Yishun Ecological Park is located within the Yishun Locks and Dam. This ecotouric centre was established in 2021, using nature as its primary source of inspiration. Yishun Ecological Park offers a wide range of leisure activities, such as trekking, fishing, water sports and boating. If you like to hang around during the day, you can relax at the Yishun Ecological Park’s cafe, where you can order freshly brewed coffee and tea. The Yishun Ecological Park also features a Public Library, a Thai restaurant and a cafe/night club.

A short drive from Yishun Executive Condominium is the Yishun Integrated Transport and Parking Complex. The Yishun Integrated Transport and Parking Facility is a highly efficient public transport system, offering one-way access from the Yishun Centre to the Gold Centre and the airport. The integrated transport system has five parking spaces, which is enough for residents, visitors and local businessmen. The mall is also located right next to Yishun Centre, so residents will never have to travel any further to go to the mall.

If you want to shop at a convenient way, you must try the Yishun Lifestyle Centre. The Yishun Lifestyle Centre is perfect for visitors who would like to shop for something to take home to their loved ones. The mall offers a large selection of designer clothing, gift ware and accessories. This makes it an ideal shopping centre for those who wish to buy the things they need to make their stay in Singapore a pleasant one.

If you are a student and you want to live in a quiet and peaceful environment, the Yishun Commercial Street MRT is your answer. The Yishun Commercial Street MRT is the ideal stop for students who need to study in a well-furnished environment. The commercial street is also the home of numerous restaurants and cafes, offering a variety of food choices to satisfy the tastes of its visitors. Apart from the restaurants, the MRT provides easy access to the Yishun Centre, Yishun Plaza and other important places. The Yishun Centre, Yishun Plaza and other important public facilities are located very close to the Yishun Ecological Park. This makes it a convenient way for future residents of Yishun to find a place to live.

Yishun Executive Condominiums are not just available for residential purposes but also for business purposes. The Yishun Ecological Park and the Yishun Centre offer recreational facilities such as water sports, swimming pools, nature trails and many other amenities. This makes the Yishun Ecological Park a preferred place for visiting families, while the low entry price and good transportation services make it a popular choice for businesses in Singapore.

The Northpoint City Shopping Centre is a multi-storey retail complex that offers a wide range of stores, restaurants and leisure facilities. The centre was built in 1994 and provides ample scope to prospective shoppers. With all the shopping, eating out and other facilities, the centre has quickly become popular with both locals and tourists. There are numerous shopping malls and centres around the Northpoint City area, but none can match the popularity of the Northpoint City Shopping Centre.

One of the attractions of the Northpoint city shopping centre is the Yishun MRT Station that is located beneath the mall. The Yishun MRT Station connects directly to the Yishun MRT Station and the Northpoint City Shopping Centre. The Yishun MRT station makes it easier for residents to access the rest of the town centres and make quick trips to their homes. Tourists visiting the mall and shopping area will find easy access to the bus interchange that connects them to the rest of the Northpoint City.

The Northpoint City Shopping Centre features stores, restaurants and boutiques that sell everything from food to electronics to clothing. The mall also features two restaurants that serve food and beverages. The mall has a large number of restaurants that serves different cuisines and food items. The Yishun MRT Station that links to the Northpoint city shopping centre and the bus interchange makes it easy for residents to travel to other places in town, and they can use the bus to get to the rest of the Northpoint condos.

Yishun MRT Station is the most convenient way to get to Northpoint and reach several other important destinations within the metropolitan area of Singapore, which includes the likes of Orchard Road and Ann Siang Road, which are some of the busiest shopping destinations in the country. It has stations in the area of Northpoint, Clarke Quay, Boulia, Bright, Ann Siang Road and the upcoming Silk Saipan Business Centre. The Yishun MRT Station is one of the busiest public transports in the country and provides an easy access to Northpoint, Ann Siang Road, Jalan Bong Road and the rest of the popular commercial centres in the city. The station has several bus services linking the different areas of the city.

The Yishun MRT Station has numerous bus services to and from the airport and the train station in the city. The east-west and west-east bus interchanges are present at the Yishun MRT Station and it connects to the various areas of north. The bus services in the city provide several modes of transportation including the AC and non-AC minibuses and even the ferry services to get to the northern part of the island. There are also several bus services from the east of the island to the yishun mRT station to take you to the northern part of the island.

A major transportational mode of the Island is the monorail which is one of the best ways to travel around the city. The plan includes a link between the east-west monorail and the north-south monorail. The monorail will link the Yishun MRT Station to the north south bound platform of the yishun integrated transport hub.

Yishun Integrated Transport Hub, sometimes referred to as Yishun EC or Yishun MRT Station is an integrated public transport terminal connecting Yishun Commercial Street, to Yishun Residency Road, and Yishun Industrial Street, to Yishun Industrial Avenue. The station has one-third of the capacity of any subway line in the city and the trains run on a one-day schedule. The main train depots are located at Yishun Industrial Street, Yishun Residency Road, and at Commercial Bay. The platform of the Yishun MRT station can be used for local train transfer to nearby stations.

Yishun MRT station is very close to Yishun Leisure Park, Yishun MRT Station and Orchard Road shopping arcade. The journey to Orchard Road shopping arcade starts from Yishun MRT station and takes about an hour. By using the quick drop or walk ways, you can arrive at Orchard Road shopping arcade in less than half an hour. If you happen to come early in the morning or late in the afternoon, you will not have to wait too long because the tunnel is very open. You can simply walk out of the tunnel and cross the busy street to reach the Orchard Road Shopping Complex, the largest mall in Singapore.

The Yishun Integrated Transport Hub promises a lot with the modern amenities and state-of-art technology. It has a connection with the rapid transit system so that it can provide you with a comfortable and fast journey. The new and modern depot has been built over a pedestrian bridge that links Yishun Leisure Park to Yishun MRT station. The new depot is equipped with a terminal, ticketing counters, and pay ticket booths. It is also connected with the Orchard Road Business Precinct through its Yishun Expressway connection.

A newly-established Sing Holdings Real Estate Developer, Yishun Properties Limited, has plans to build a new MRT station in Northpoint, a district located in the city of Singapore. The proposed extension of the current train station is planned to add another 400 units of office space and provide for an expanded bus network along with several bus stations in the district of Northpoint. The proposed extension would be funded by the Malaysian Government through its contribution in a China-Singapore economic partnership fund. With the completion of this project, the capacity of the existing Yishun MRT Station in Northpoint will increase as well as the number of stations linking the two districts.

The Sing Holdings Real Estate Developer is currently seeking funds for the project and the ensuing expansion of its existing developments in Northpoint. This new project, called the Yishun MDI Park, will consist of approximately 800m2 of commercial space, including retail shops, restaurants, offices and apartments. The project is targeted at attracting both domestic and foreign investment, and the plan is to create easy access to major employment centers in the district of Northpoint. Several major corporations such as Sony, Toshiba, DMC and LG are among those who have already signed agreements to invest in this project, making it one of the more promising developments in Singapore real estate in the near future. These investments will not only help boost employment rates in Northpoint, they will also help generate higher property values and attract a larger pool of skilled workers from overseas.

The proposed extension will also provide easy access to the popular Markey road shopping centres, which will undoubtedly entice more people to make the commute from the central business district to the more suburban shopping centres in Northpoint. The plan promises to enhance the current commercial setup by providing more office space, restaurant and retail space, all of which will attract more people to the area. It is projected that the boulevard would be fully functional by the middle of next year, though the plans have yet to be approved by the Ministry of Education and the Department of Business. So far, the general response to Sing Holdings’ proposal has been positive, with many local businesses feeling that the investment is really worthwhile.